As life gets busier, people have less time to commute to and from meetings. Luckily, with today’s technology the commute can be eliminated altogether and all you require is an internet connection to speak to your fellow colleagues.

Virtual meetings can be convenient if used correctly and it allows people from all over the globe to take part.

The Journal of Accountancy provides some tips on how to successfully interact in virtual meetings:

Utilise video to foster engagement. By using the webcam and seeing attendees facial expressions, the meeting can be more personal which will make it less likely that someone zones out from the conversation.

Set out an agenda and state the agenda in the beginning of the meeting. By sticking to an agenda you are able to stay on track and maximise the use of everyone’s time.

Use resources such as sharing documents or presenting a few slides. By making it more interactive it will increase the productivity of the meeting.

Make notes as you would in a normal meeting. It is likely that by the end of the meeting you would have forgotten most of what was said. By making notes you are able to review what is expected of you.

Set out some parameters for the meeting and do not allow the discussion to veer into anything that would not be permitted in an office meeting. Loud noises and interruptions should be avoided. The timeline should be strict and people should join the meeting on time as they would in person.

Eliminating painful driving time can make life a lot easier for busy individuals. By using these tips, virtual meetings should be a breeze.


Source Accounting Weekly

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